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Our Approach

PLS is more than just "full service" - PLS takes your issues and causes personally.  We will work with you, the experts on the issues, to define specific goals, develop, create and execute a strategy that produces positive and productive results. We at PLS are proud of the skills we bring to the table and are excited to sit down with you and your team and start planning out your legislative or communications agenda.


You are the expert on the topic  and we are the experts at how best to accomplish your goals through the political process.  Whether that means passing legislation at the state capitol, building a coalition for a local issue or managing acommunications situation that effects your business we will help you determine your goals and what success means for you and your organization.


We have years of experience honing and perfecting our process for our clients.  You define your goals and we will build the strategy on how to achieve those with you.  Our process isn't "plug & play" but a tailored plan specific to your business and its needs.  We will create your strategy based on your goals while providing you with detailed outlines that will highlight benchmarks of success along the way.


You determine your goals. Together we will implement a strategy. In the world of politics and the political process there can be speed bumps and potholes; PLS will always be prepared to navigate any obstacle and will keep you and your team updated along the way to success.


Our Services

Legislative/Administrative Lobbying

There is no road-map or cookie cutter template to be successful as a legislative and administrative lobbyist.  Success is derived from years of experience working the halls of the state capitol, building meaningful professional and personal relationships and executing on thoughtful strategies for clients that result in legislative or administrative victories.  PLS has nearly twenty years of success at the highest levels.  Whether you need new legislation, a change in regulations or just to increase your business presence with policy decision makers at the state house or Washington D.C., PLS is prepared to build your plan and navigate the politics to achieve success on your behalf.

Strategic Communications

Messaging. Messaging. Messaging.  PLS understands that to achieve the levels of success its clients require that building out a thoughtful and comprehensive message is key to reaching the loftiest of goals.  PLS is proud of its numerous relationships in statewide and national media and will work with those contacts to ensure that your message is heard - wherever it needs to be - and that you and your business are driving the narrative on the issues important to you.  Whether you need to build out a new, strategic communications plan or you are in desperate need of immediate help with a communications crisis that is effecting your business in Connecticut; PLS is prepared to utilize its deep cadre of contacts to help you out.

Strategic Advocacy

Often business and industry leaders are thrust into the political spotlight, either through their own corporate successes, their personal wealth or their individual notoriety in the community.  How to develop a strategy about being politically active and maximizing your voice in either Hartford or Washington D.C. can be daunting.  PLS has numerous years of experience managing campaigns and federal PAC activities and can help you with the questions you might have about the process and provide you the tools to develop a winning game plan.

Penn Lincoln Strategies has built a reputation in the political and media worlds in Connecticut and Washington D.C. as a well respected firm that is trusted as honest, comprehensive and effective.  Let the experts at Penn Lincoln Strategies manage your political needs.

About Us

Penn Lincoln Strategies is a full service government relations and public affairs consulting firm that specializes in utilizing the decades of experience its team brings to your company or association's needs. Whether it's executing a comprehensive legislative agenda or managing a communications crisis PLS is prepared to give you and your matter the attention and dedication it needs to achieve the level of success you expect. 

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